Minimal Audio Releases Rift Feedback Lite For Free

Rift Minimal Audio Feedback Lite

Minimal Audio has released its Rift Feedback Lite processor to the public for free. You can play it like an instrument, use any note of your choosing or tune it to the key of the track you’re creating.

Minimal audio’s new Rift Feedback Lite is a modern musical processor. It allows users to choose from a selection of synced delay modes, comb filters and resonators, all brought to you for free, by Minimal Audio. You can use MIDI to play the effect like an instrument.

Rift Minimal Audio Feedback Lite

For those who like good looks alongside good sounds, you can freely switch between light and dark mode through its optional design.

The processor is packed with varying modes from ping pong to comb filters, foolproof pitch snapping and more.

Key Features

  • Real life feedback & delay model.
  • Varying audio feeback modes.
  • Intelligent feedback snapping
  • Stereo spread and ping pong mode.
  • Track incoming MIDI notes.
  • Optional light & dark mode.

Get it for free, for a limited time only on the Minimal Audio website.

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