The Heavy Release New Song “I Feel The Love”

, The Heavy Release New Song “I Feel The Love”
The Heavy have released their brand new single “I Feel The Love”, taken from the forthcoming album AMEN (out April 21). “I Feel The Love” jumps with the Pentecostal pop fever full of Mississippi heat and the video finds the trans-Atlantic four-piece delivering their thought-provoking sermon of upbeat gospel rock to a rapturous congregation.
Watch the music video for “I Feel The Love” here:

Kelvin Swaby says, “The world feels as if it’s burning down at times and that it’s being torn apart by divisive agendas and evil personality traits. This is a solid reminder that as challenging as that is and may feel from day to day, we feel and will always believe, in Love. Always and forever.”

“I Feel The Love” follows the release of AMEN lead single “Hurricane Coming”. // Continue to the full article

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