Stanton makes a comeback with STX portable scratch turntable

Stanton STX Portable Turntable

Stanton has unveiled its STX portable scratch turntable, which packs a mini Innofader Nano crossfader – a first for portable turntables. If you’re new to scratch DJing, this could be an ideal starting point.

The mini Innofader Nano crossfader, which can easily be swapped between left and right positions for left-handed and right-handed scratch styles, is designed to last over four million cycles. It also features independent crossfader Cut-In and Curve knobs that allow you to precisely calibrate the crossfader for “razor sharp cuts.”

The STX portable scratch turntable also features two rechargeable batteries and a built-in speaker, with the latching lid also doubling as a stackable base, making it instantly deployable at any gathering.

For longer sessions, the turntables’ USB-C charging input also be used with external power banks. The beats and loopers can be added via Bluetooth input, and the USB port also features one-touch recording for content creation.

Several mods are already included on the STX out of the box, including a Start/Stop button, onboard speaker, and a pitch slider with Ultra Pitch selection switch, with Stanton encouraging DJs to personalise the turntable to match their individual style.

Stanton was acquired by inMusic in 2020, joining a roster of music production properties including NumarkAkai and Denon DJ. The STX is Stanton’s first major release since the acquisition, with its last release being the DS4 turntable cartridge in 2022.

The STX is available via inMusic at $249.

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