Moodymann: “Some of the best producers I’ve ever heard are still unheard of”


Moodymann has claimed that some of the greatest music producers he’s heard are “still unheard of”.

The musician and producer, real name Kenny Dixon Jr. – a legend in the Detroit house, soul and electronic music scene, made the comment during a recent interview with Mixmag. The interview focuses on his Detroit hip-hop roots with collaborator K-Stone.

He tells writer Patrick Hinton: “Some of the best producers I’ve ever heard are still unheard of, and that was just the other cats in the neighbourhood that was just killing the beat game. But they were just up in other shit, doing other things.”

The quote echoes a comment Dixon Jr. made during a live interview with Red Bull in 2010, in which he said: “I have to honestly say some of the best musicians on this planet, we probably will never hear. They’re in the basements, they ain’t got no money, they going to have to get jobs elsewhere, and they’re probably some of the baddest motherfuckers in the world.

“Unfortunately, some of the wackest producers in the world we are going to hear all the time. Because it is all about who you know in most cases. That is the situation.”

In the Mixmag interview, Dixon Jr, also talks about how he samples old records and how his devotion to many types of music has helped him dig out samples.

“I’m still probably Detroit and the world’s greatest music fan,” he says. “I can find a diamond in damn near anyone’s album.”

In 2016, Moodymann premiered new music in GTA Online and became a full in-game character. The character had a street racing story arc and appeared alongside the likes of Dr Dre, Solomun, Anderson Paak and Snoop Dogg.

Read the full interview with Moodymann.

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