Teenage Engineering has unveiled a flat pack field desk – and it’s £1,600


Teenage engineering is primarily known for its synths, Pocket Operators, loudspeakers, and even computer cases with a hint of Scandinavian flare. However, the electronics brand’s newest piece of apparatus is bound to cause some hesitation: a £1,600 aluminium flat-pack field desk.

Referred to by TE as a “space truss”, this field desk is constructed from 75% recycled CIRCAL aluminium from Scandinavian manufacturer Hydro and assembled with double-sided Formica birch plywood.

The desk itself is incredibly simple for such an eye-watering price tag of £1,600, with what appears to be eleven aluminium poles holding up a plywood board. However, the more you look into the specifications and capabilities of the field desk, the cost starts to make some sense – or does it?

For those eagle-eyed fans, the desk appears to be the first release of TE’s newest Field Rail System. This presumably means it will include other modular objects such as the custom storage tray and tape holder, which is already being hinted at on their website. It seems as if we can expect many more modular add-ons to come.

The community reaction to this pricey field desk is mixed, as expected, with some asking if the brand’s famous OP-1 synthesizer is included in the purchase of the desk.

However, some musicians such as DATSUNN and Orestes Gomez have shared their admiration for the new product on Teenage Engineering’s announcement of the new desk. One commenter isn’t so convinced, telling the brand: “Please share the massive blunt you are clearly smoking.”

Field Desk Engineer Aisjam took to youtube to share his thoughts about TE’s newest creation. While he thought that the construction was nice, and the materials used were certainly admirable, the hefty price tag was just a little too… hefty.

You can watch the full video below:

For more information about the Field Desk, you can visit Teenage.Engineering

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