Jin Gives ARMY a Special Valentine’s Day Message Spelled in Macarons: Watch

A sweet treat. Jin surprised ARMY with a Valentine’s Day message posted to the official BTS YouTube channel on Tuesday (Feb. 14).

“Hello everyone, it’s Jin. It’s February now and I came here to see you….In February, there’s Valentine’s Day. Right? I’m pretty sure. Which is why I prepared these desserts here,” the K-pop idol says in the clip, showing off the tray of colorful macarons in front of him.

Pointing out that he’s rounded up seven of the French confections because of the seven members in BTS, Jin proceeds to write a message in his native Korean on the macarons, spelled out entirely in chocolate sauce. “Since only ARMY are gonna be watching this video, I’m gonna write stuff related to ARMY,” he says before struggling to spell out the name of the BTS fandom in chocolate on the first two pastries.



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From there, “The Astronaut” singer decides to add more to the message, writing, “I love you lots” with a heart on the last macaron. (“It’s harder than I thought, this requires a lot of skills,” he mentions before declaring, “This is perfect.”)

The video message comes at the perfect time for ARMY whom are missing Jin while he’s in basic training as part of his required enlistment in the South Korean military. But don’t worry, the vocalist finished up the clip by promising he’d “come back with something else next month” on the BTS YouTube channel before signing off with a cheery “Bye!”

In other BTS news, Suga unveiled the dates for his very first solo tour earlier this week, which will begin April 26 at UBS Arena in Belmont Park, New York.

Watch Jin’s thoughtful Valentine’s Day message to ARMY below.

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