Celine Dion Helps Priyanka Chopra Find True Love (But Not With Nick Jonas) in ‘Love Again’ Trailer

Priyanka Chopra is in a steady and loving marriage with husband Nick Jonas, but in the first trailer for her upcoming movie Love Again, she stars as Mira Ray, who mourns the loss of her fiancé and uses text messages to feel connected to him in his absence.

A trailer for the movie, released Tuesday (Feb. 14), sees Chopra cuddling with the fiancé’s old clothing and reflecting on the time she’s spent with him, until one night, she uses her cell phone to send her former lover a message: “I miss you so much. There’s an aching inside of me,” she sends, unknowingly to journalist Rob Burns (Sam Heughan), who receives her texts after getting a new cell phone for work purposes.

In an attempt to move on, Chopra goes on a date for the first time since her fiancé died and gets sets up with none other than a character played by her real-life husband, who she is unable to settle into a comfortable groove with. “Maybe we should just take it slow,” she suggests as they’re in the back of a cab. “Yeah,” he says, awkwardly leaning in for a kiss.

Rob, on the other hand, can’t help but fall for the random woman whose messages he continues to receive, and one day, he makes a plan to meet her face to face, jumpstarting the unfolding of his and Mira’s relationship. Céline Dion also stars in the movie, playing herself and acting as a guiding force for Rob, at one point in the trailer telling him, “These texts you’re receiving are saying something. It might be crazy, but love doesn’t always follow the rules.”

“A journalist, Rob is captivated by the honesty in the beautifully confessional texts,” the film’s synopsis adds. “When he’s assigned to write a profile of megastar Céline Dion, he enlists her help in figuring out how to meet Mira in person and win her heart.”

“I had a lot of fun doing this movie,” the “It’s All Coming Back to Me” singer told People. “And to have the privilege of appearing with the beautiful and talented actors Priyanka Chopra and Sam Heughan in my very first feature film is a privilege that I will cherish forever.” Several new tracks from the singer will also appear in the film. “I think it’s a wonderful feel-good story, and I hope that people will like it and like the new songs too,” she adds.

Love Again will arrive on May 12. Watch the first trailer in the video above.

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