Zara Larsson Gives Behind the Scenes Look at ‘Can’t Tame Her’ Music Video

Zara Larsson‘s video for “Can’t Tame Her” is officially out! The dance-heavy visual arrived last month on Jan. 26 and now, Billboard is taking you behind the scenes of what it was like for the Swedish pop star to film the music video.

Billboard was on set with the star, who fluctuated between scenes of her practicing the intense choreography and chatting with cameras while not rolling to discuss the video’s concept. “The challenge in this is basically to do the choreo with myself and we’ve used this beautiful girl Barbara as the double, and then we are 3D modeling, CGI-ing my face on Barbara,” Larsson explains.

To arrive at such a stunning result, many worked behind the scenes to bring Larsson’s vision to life. Rudy Grazziani, the pop star’s creative director said, “For this project we have honestly. such an all star roster of creative involved. We have Global, Parisian directorial duo, we have Lisa Jarvis on wardrobe. Amazing, big fan of all these people. We have Sophia for makeup, then we have Ali for hair.”

A close look behind the scenes showed that the video’s silver elevator scene was created with the help of color changing strip LED lights, faux plants and vines. The models danced alongside Larsson as the chrome hallway was bathed in red light for the videos group dance scene, and afterwards, hugged her and posed for photos when the shoot wrapped up for the evening.

“It was so fun to shoot,” Larsson says, closing out the behind the scenes video. “Hope you enjoy it!”

Watch the behind the scenes video for “Can”t Tame Her” above.

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