The Rock Loved Surprising His New ‘Best Friend’ Adele at 2023 Grammys: ’Beautiful Full-Circle Moment’

Dwayne Johnson dished in a new social media post Wednesday (Feb. 8) about just how wonderful it was to finally meet Adele at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

“What a legit and warm surprise at the top of the show!” he wrote of surprising the superstar at her table with help from Grammy host Trevor Noah. “And beautiful full circle moment calling her name and handing her the Grammy at the end of the night. ‘Get up here best friend.’”


Adele, Grammy Awards

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In a separate interview with Variety, the wrestler-turned-movie star opened up about how he pulled off the surprise, explaining, “We were trying to figure out something to do that was going to be fun and surprise her, and we had kicked around ideas all week. The key to a surprise like that is to actually keep it a surprise. Myself and the Grammys went to great lengths to make sure that Adele was authentically surprised in the moment, and she was.”

As he referenced in his Instagram post, Johnson was later able to present Adele with the award for pop solo performance, and reflected on that in the interview as well.

“Talk about the universe meeting our friendship halfway: I get up onstage and I open that Grammy envelope and it said ‘Adele,’” he said “So that’s why I was able to say, ‘Get up here best friend, Adele!’ It was such a special night. And she’s such a special, iconic, brilliant, inspiring artist who has inspired a generation and who will continue to inspire generations to come. I love that woman.”

Check out Johnson’s sweet post about Adele’s Grammys surprise below.

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