Water & Music launches online classes on music rights including monetisation

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Music industry research and intelligence network Water & Music is set to run an online class on global music rights across seven different areas of discussion.

The classes will be held via Zoom, and are due to commence from 21 February to 9 March 2023. Topics such as copyright, publishing, licensing, monetisation and consumer behaviour in China, India, Latin America and Africa will be explored, with broader issues such as royalties and technological solutions also covered.

Industry experts will be involved such as Joey Akan, founder of Afrobeats Intelligence, Dani Balcells of BMAT, and more. Classes will refer to real-world case studies and include required reading material to support learning.

Water & Music says of the course, “While it’s increasingly common for artists and music entrepreneurs to build with an international strategy from the ground up, global music copyright frameworks and royalty flows remain stubbornly inaccessible and non-transparent, leading to many repeat pitfalls throughout history when it comes to market understanding and business growth.”

It continues, “This course will start off with grounding global music copyright complexities in modern music/tech case studies, demonstrating the pervasiveness of the problem and why music-industry professionals should care.”

Interested participants can either register for the full music rights course ($200 for non-members) or individual sessions ($40 each for non-members). Find out more at lu.ma.

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