SM6 Captures The Simplicity Of Love In “Generation Heartbreak”

, SM6 Captures The Simplicity Of Love In “Generation Heartbreak”
Buzzy electropop moguls, SM6, have released their single titled “Generation Heartbreak,” a ballad that longs after the simple gestures in romance from a time before their own. “Generation Heartbreak” is the latest single off their forthcoming album dropping later this year. SM6 emphasizes meaningful gestures like writing letters and picnic dates and hopes that, by extension, slower relationships will be preserved by the Gen Z dating pool. “Generation Heartbreak” is available to stream and download on all platforms worldwide.

Vocalist and bassist Isabel Jones wrote this song in her bedroom “out of sadness for [the band’s] generation” for losing “the old ways of love.” Produced and mixed by Shayon Daniels, Nicci Funicelli, and Jim Funicelli, “Generation Heartbreak” overlays an instrumental consisting of piano and strings with Isabel’s emotionally potent vocals. // Continue to the full article

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