These German headphones are “indestructible”


If indestructibility is a must for your music-making gear, then you may be interested to learn about German company Maestro’s supposedly “indestructible” headphones.

While the headphones in fact came out a decade ago, writer Chris Person from The Verge recently detailed his experience of finding sturdy, inexpensive headphones that could last a lifetime, bringing attention once again to the German Maestro GMP 8.35, which he found through Head-fi forums.

Despite the difficulties in getting them shipped to the US from Germany, Person describes them as feeling like they are from a different era, “unstuck in time when products were measured in decades, not years. These were the headphone equivalents of English-made Doc Martens. I could throw these things against a brick wall, run a bike over them, yank them from the teeth of a dog, and they would probably be fine.”

The headphones themselves are made from thick plastic and are closed-back dynamic headphones with an optional removable cable and two removable earpads, one set of artificial leather, and the other velour.

Interestingly the velour addition was created after autistic users complained about the feeling of the leather against their skin, something that Person noted showed that the company listens to its consumers.

Looking at the specs, the headphones have a wide frequency response of 20-27,400 Hz, and nominal impedance of 35 Ohms.

The newest edition, the German Maestro GMP 8.35 Mobile advanced, is a reflection of all the feedback acquired by the company from forums like Head-fi.

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