Clouzine alum ANAYA MUSIC drops her new album ASCENSION and with a video focusing on healing frequency of 432 Hz

Anaya Kunst (Anaya Music) is a New Age music composer, multi-award-winning Artist, a Clouzine alum, filmmaker (garnered accolades from USA, UK to Bhutan), producer, recording artist and author. She is passionate about elevating the human spirit through the power of music and visuals and the universal vibration of Love and Peace.
She is an academician with several degrees from renowned universities (MSc, PhD, and Post-Doctoral Degree).

At a time where we all suffer from the effects of a worldwide pandemic, the war in Ukraine and increasing signs of a global recession, it is important to stay calm and confident. This can be achieved by listening to Anaya Musicës new album ìAscensionî.
The 432 HZ healing frequency calms the mind and the nervous system and creates a state of harmony, balance and peace. // Continue to the full article

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