Cyndi Lauper Responds To Overturned Roe V. Wade Decision With New Version Of Abortion Rights Song “Sally’s Pigeons”

Cyndi Lauper has responded to the overturned Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision by releasing a new version of her abortion rights song, “Sally’s Pigeons.” Lauper went into the studio just after the Supreme Court draft opinion was leaked in May to make this new acoustic version.

First released in 1993, Lauper wrote “Sally’s Pigeons” based on the story of a childhood friend, who in her teens got pregnant, had a back-alley abortion and died due to the attempted procedure.
“The Supreme Court’s radical decision today makes the re-recording and re-release of ‘Sally’s Pigeons’ more relevant than ever. In my childhood, women didn’t have reproductive freedom and 50 years later we find ourselves in a time warp where one’s freedom to control their own body has been stripped away. // Continue to the full article

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