Kevi Morse Releases “Last Year” Music Video

This year, Kevi Morse makes his return with “Last Year.” “Last Year” is a song off of Kevi Morse’s EP, “AT THIS POINT.” Kevi Morse released a music video to accompany the single release. “Last Year” has already garnered tens of thousands of streams/views. The track showcases Kevi Morse’s lyrical prowess and demonstrates how Kevi Morse has flows for days.

“Last Year” is an anthem for the downtrodden and those vying for hope. The record is about preserving in the midst of adversity: “whether that’s betrayal, people doubting you – the whole nine,” Kevi Morse stated. The song is somewhat personal for Kevi Morse and has a message of understanding who will be there for you when you really need them and who’s just there for the ride. Kevi Morse elaborated: “People doubted me during the last season of my life. // Continue to the full article

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