Billboard-charting artist TAN SES releases his latest album FERNWEH

“Fernweh” is a German word that describes the feeling of longing to travel away from the known home towards the fascinating new and unknown places where you gain experience by learning about new customs, flavours, thought systems and cultures.

Adventure and new horizons await us somewhere out there. This feeling has grown inside of us all after two years of a pandemic tragedy that shook our world so hard, changed so many lifes from the ground up and cost so many dear lives, closing/shutting everything down and forcing us social beings into isolation, quarantine and despair.

In German there are two contrary words that describe the longing for locations so strongly in a way that this feeling “hurts” inside. “Heimweh” meaning homesick and “Fernweh” the longing for being and going abroad thus meaning “farsick”. // Continue to the full article

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